“Confidentially” The Ultimate Package CD-DVD
1. Warm Spanish Wine
2. It Takes Me All Night Long (harmonies by Jimmy Fortune)
3. Why Wasn’t It Me (featuring Amy Clawson)
4. Run Like The Wind
5. Confidentially
6. Boogyin’ & Woogyin’
7. Reckless Wind (featuring John Cowan)
8. In The Pine
9. One Memory At a Time 10. American Nights
11. Cowboy Hats (featuring Bobby Bare)
12. I Ain’t Going If There Ain’t No Hank
13. Distance and Time
Never Released Bonus Track:
14. Let The Good Times Roll (David Frizzell & Shelly West)
Featured Track:
15. I’m Gonna Hire A Wino

DVD (video & audio):
Early Years
Interview: (Touring w/ brother Lefty; Record deals with Columbia Records; Buck Owens All American Show; meeting Shelly West)
Photo Gallery
Live Performance (“If You Got The Money”)
Solo & Duet Highlights
David Reminiscing on Frizzell & West
Photo Gallery
Live Performances: You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma” (w/ Shelly West); “Silent Partners” (w/ Shelly West); “Another Honky-Tonk Night On Broadway” (w/ Shelly West); “I’m Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home”
Solo & Duet Awards: (CMA & ACM)
Confidentially Interview: (the making of Confidentially)
Photo Gallery
Studio Clips: “Cowboy Hats” (w/ Bobby Bare); “Reckless Wind” (w/ John Cowan)
Live Performances: “It Takes Me All Night Long” (w/ Jimmy Fortune); “Why Wasn’t It Me” (w/ Amy Clawson); “Warm Spanish Wine”