Counting On Love To Save Me CD




CD - “Counting On Love To Save Me”
The song "Taxes" was used in the commercial for Liberty Tax Service!

My life has been one long love affair with country music and this new 12 song CD just proves that this love affair is still going strong. I want to thank my friends Jimmy Fortune and Amy Clawson for joining me and all the great musicians, singers and engineers who have helped to keep the love alive and well. When I start a new recording project my first attention goes to the songs, I wrote all the songs on this CD except “Mama’s Arms”. Janice Magliacane wrote the words about a mothers love and I surrounded her words with my music. I would never start a recording session without Tony Harrell (session leader) on Piano and Steve Chandler my engineer, Tony & Steve have been with me for over 20 years. So this is not only my music but theirs as well. Great music always happens when songwriters, musicians, singers, engineers all come to the studio bringing their own love for the music. You can believe me when I say “I'm Counting on Love to Save Me.”..      David Frizzell