Frizzell and friends I’ll Be Alright




CD - “It'll Be Alright” - Frizzell / MADD Awareness 
Featuring “Say Hello to Heaven”

Not another living soul can deliver a song with deep, raw emotion like David Frizzell. With his forthcoming single, "Say Hello To Heaven," the legendary singer has found a compelling story worthy of his vocal gift. The song will be used to raise awareness for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Written by Nashville musician and producer, Buddy Hyatt, "Say Hello To Heaven" pulls at the heartstrings with the story of a wife and mother lost to her loved ones in a car accident. Sadly, it is a story that rings true for the Frizzell family, who lost David's niece in 1998 when a drunk driver was responsible for her death. "MADD was there even before I or others in the family could get there," Frizzell says. "They provided so much care and support; services that I had no idea they offered." Frizzell calls 2012 his "year of giving back." Liberty Tax Service, based in Virginia Beach, Virginia with 4,000 locations nationwide, has partnered with David Frizzell on the project in support of MADD.

1. It’ll Be Alright 2. Lefty & Jones 3. The American Night 4. Someday 5. Take My X-wife Please 6. Good-bye 7. Fill His Shoes 8. What’s This Ol’ Country Boy Doing? 9. What’s It Like 10. A Prayer to Mary 11. Say Hello to Heaven Lover’s Don’t Lie 13. If You Got the Money, I’ve Got the Time

Bonus Tribute Tracks:
14. Yesterday Just Passed My Way 15. Always Late 16. I Love You A Thousand Ways