The Family’s Fine


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Song Titles

1. Lost My Baby Blues (Benjamin Peters) David Frizzell 3:21

2. As Soon As a Waltz Ain’t 3/4 Time (Billy Stone) David Frizzell 3:10

3. I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home (DeWayne Blackwell) David Frizzell 3:59

4. Maybe There’s Love After You, After All (Larry Bastian / James Brian Shaw) David Frizzell 3:05

5. Lone Star Lonesome (John Cunningham / Stephen Clifford Stone) David Frizzell 3:16

6. I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again(Don Cook / Rafe Van Hoy / Curly Putman) David Frizzell 3:10

7. She’s Up to All Her Old Tricks Again(John Durrill / Snuff Garrett) David Frizzell 2:40

8. Sweet Sweet Sin (DeWayne Blackwell) David Frizzell 3:28

9. Single and Alone (Louie D. Frizzell) David Frizzell 3:58

10. Let’s Have a Party (Mickey Newbury) David Frizzell 3:07